Sherri Moore, office assistant

Sherri Moore

Legal Assistant /Funding Coordinator

I first began working at Haiman Hogue as a legal assistant and now I am the Funding Coordinator.  Prior to working at the law firm, I was a high school English teacher for 32 years in Carrollton, Texas.  I loved helping students achieve their learning goals and preparing them for what lay ahead for them in college and beyond.  That love of assisting others is something I am able to continue in my work here at Haiman Hogue.  As Funding Coordinator, I work with clients as they align their assets with their trusts.  I make sure clients understand the asset alignment process, and then based on their needs, work with them as they properly align their assets with their family protection plan.  I also do deed research and drafting, as well as handle the recording of deeds for our clients.  

Client interaction is my favorite part of my job!  I truly enjoy not only working with our clients, but also in talking to them and getting to know them.  At Haiman Hogue, we form relationships with our clients –  we get to know them, and they get to know us.  It makes my job so enjoyable!