Church Law

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At Haiman Hogue PLLC, we understand the unique issues that affect many churches, ministries and religious organizations. We understand how important it is to understand the interrelation of faith and the law in providing strong advocacy for our clients.

Church Law Services

We provide services for churches and not-for-profit entities in the following areas:

  • Church Formation and Dissolution
  • Church Mergers and Advice
  • Contract Review, Interpretation and Negotiation
  • Bylaw/Governing Document Review and Amendment
  • Board/Elder Meetings
  • Board/Elder Governance
  • 501(c)(3) Compliance issues
  • Internal Policies and Procedures
  • Guidance on Hiring/Termination
  • Guidance on Issues Related to Moral Failure

When the time comes to retain counsel for your church, ministry or religious organization, there is no substitute for counsel from a Biblical worldview. We pride ourselves in providing this type of church law services to our clients. PLLC

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